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There’s no doubt about it; weddings are a magical occasion. The love felt by the bride and groom is breath taking and the joy the guests have for the happy couple is evident on everyone’s faces. There is no magic potion to bottle up that amazing feeling to remember for years to come. So, instead, we photograph these occasions. When planning a wedding, you might hire a photographer to take those professional and whimsical photos of your big day. Brides and grooms these days, however, want to go a step further. They love the idea of their guests being able to capture the fun they are having during the celebration. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Photo Booths
  • Disposable cameras on each table
  • Asking your guests download an app so that the photos they take with their phones can be uploaded straight to an account that the bride and groom have setup for their viewing pleasure
  • You could also request your guests post the photos on social media with a # and whatever predetermined wording you had purchased to have the photos automatically link to a special account.
  • Hiring a photographer
  • Hiring a videographer

All of these options are great and some couples opt to use multiple ideas for one occasion. However, the decision always comes down to cost. What is the best and cheapest way to capture your guest’s fun during your wedding and reception? Well, many couples choose a photo booth. Having a photo booth is both a unique and fun concept. The price to rent one, however, not so pretty. To rent one photo booth can cost anywhere from $395 for a 2-hour minimum rental to $1000! That’s insane! I want you to be able to have those fun photo booths for your wedding without that pricey tag. You can possibly even use the props for home décor or rent it out after the wedding.

There are many different styles you can use for a DIY photo booth. You can go artsy, modern, classy and simple. Click on the link for some amazing ideas that creative brides have come up with.

Since Today is DIY Day, we decided to try our hand at creating our own photo booth. We wanted to do an elegant yet fun theme for a wedding. We took our flowers and worked our colors to match from there. 

  • We used white fabric to drape over a pvc pipe curtain rod and secure it in place. You can click the link to see how to make a pvc stand. We also added a few curtains on each side for flare.
  • We then decorated it with some flowers which we hung from the top
  • Placed a bench and a frame that fit the theme in front of it
  • Made a few heart garlands to drape down the front
Made by Candace

Made by Candace


You can add any touch you want to your photo booth. Just make sure you set up a camera in front of it. Ask someone to stand there and take the photos of your guests or have a remote so your guests can click the pictures themselves.

Get creative and use fun props and frames. There really is no wrong way to create or decorate a photo booth. You can make these for cheap with stuff from around your house or purchase the items to match your wedding décor. For more ideas and to see how other weddings have displayed their photo booths, click the link to our Pinterest board.