DIY- for some people this stands for Do It Yourself... for others it's often an acronym for Damage It Yourself. 

Fear not, this week, I am going to help find the resources to DIY a project for your little one's 1st Birthday Party. It may feel like a lot of pressure or like you don't have the skills, but I promise you do! Today, I will show you a bunch of amazing resources for DIY projects and then tomorrow, on Festive Friday, I will go live to show you how I make the project myself.

One of the most trendy, and easiest to DIY, items for a 1st birthday party is the high chair swag. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want and really customize it to set the scene for the cake smash, photo ops of your little one, and/or presents.

1) Inspiration: I always start with Pinterest for inspiration. I have mentioned before that my inspiration for Cole's 1st birthday party is "Where the Wild Things Are"- so I search for high chair swag that matches my theme.

This one is from Raw Edge Sewing:

I love the use of multiple textures in this design and several different types of material.  The color scheme is not what I am going for though.

This one has a color scheme that I love, but I am not in love with the fabrics. We are going for a very natural palette to compliment the outdoor venue we have chosen, so the greens and yellows work really well for the venue:

I also love the way they used felt to create the letters "O", "N", and "E" over the swag in this one.

2) Shopping List: Create your shopping list. To save money in your budget, it's always good to compare prices at different places- Amazon, Michaels, JoAnn Fabric, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, and Etsy are great places to get unique pieces (just to name a few). For me, I know AC Moore is having a big sale on their ribbon and burlap and I have a 40% off coupon on my whole purchase & JoAnn Fabric is having a sale, so my fabric will come from JoAnn and everything else will come from AC Moore.

** You may have some of these items, I'm just writing a full supply list. **

A- 6 different kinds of fabric- 3 different textures, all 6 different colors, & 2  in different patterns.

B- 3 kinds of ribbon/garland- all different colors/textures/patterns

C- Burlap ribbon to secure the swag pieces

D- Felt in Gold or White (depending on my final fabric choices) to make "O" "N" & "E"

E- Needles/thread

F- Craft Glue

G- Fabric Scissors

H- Seam Ripper

I- Measuring tape

J- High Chair 

K- Command hooks

3) Plan- it's time to get your measurements and know how long and wide you are looking to make your swag.

A) My son's highchair is 30" around the entire tray (this allows for a little overlap for the hooks)

B) The lengths will average between 14" and 18" for the swag pieces

4) Go Shopping!- pick up everything on your list- don't be afraid to deviate from your list. My list (I've linked above with pictures of what I am going for) is simply a guide to the feel I am going for. I may find different fabrics that appeal to me more while I am out and that is fine- but this is a great way to make sure you have a cohesive look going into the project.

5) Create- And we are saving this part for tomorrow!

On a very special Festive Friday, I will be posting a video of taking you shopping with me, explaining how I pick out the fabrics and items I need. Tomorrow night, at 10:00PMEST, I will be going live to show you exactly how I DIY'd this project and showing you the final piece!!! Stay tuned for that!


The most important take away for a DIY project is that planning ahead is going to help you be successful. Even if you alter that plan, having a guideline to go by will help make sure you get all of your materials and a starting point (which is often the hardest part of any DIY'er!).

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