Life. It passes us by so quickly. One moment we're coming into this world, we share all sorts of memorable experiences with family and friends, and then we pass away. Our lives may one day end, but our memories will forever live on in our lived ones. The best way I can think of to keep those memories alive forever, would be a guest memory book.

A Guest Memory Book is a guest book in which photos and stories of the beloved are placed by the guests attending the funeral or reception. This is a very simple and wonderful way to preserve those great experiences your loved one had with all those whose lives they've touched. On the date of passing every year, you and your family could pull the book out and read some of the entries as a way to remember and honor the deceased. 

To make this kind of book you need to ask those attending the funeral or reception to bring with them a photo of themselves along with the dearly departed. When guests arrive, have the book (or you could have multiple books to keep the line moving more swiftly) laid out on a table in the foyer. If you have multiple books and all the pages aren't filled by the end of the ceremony, add in your own stories and photos or simply remove the pages. You could even move all the pages into one book.

You will need:

  • Picture book which allows you to write in it. (Michael's scrapbook would work best- they usually cost $10-25)
  • Double sided scrapbook tape
  • Pens- You could do different colored pens to make it easier to differentiate the different writing excerpts
  • White out tape - in case someone makes a mistake with their writing
  • scissors- in the event someone would like to to make their photo smaller to fit
  • Trash can or bucket for paper scraps
  • Sign- stating what the books are for and directions on what to do.

This is such a great way to keep those memories alive and a fun way to look back over your loved ones life. You may be surprised at some of the stories you will read and might get a few chuckles out it.

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