Thursday- Try This!

On Tuesday, we talked about top trends for Valentine’s Day this year- two of which were buying gifts for our friends and treating ourselves.

We thought the perfect DIY for this week to celebrate those two trends was to help you create a DIY spa day- either as a luxurious treat for yourself or a sweet gift for the friend who is always there.

Create a list of what you want to make. We recommend:

1)      Hair mask

2)      Bath soak

3)      Body scrub

4)      Face mask

5)      Leg lotion

6)      Body lotion

7)     Bath Bomb

8)     Lip Scrub

A bottle of nice wine, a fuzzy robe, and comfy slippers are also wonderful (but not necessary) items to have. *

I am going to walk you through the process of making a body scrub today, but I am going to link to wonderful ideas for each of the other items as well to help you create the tranquil day for you or your loved one deseres.

Purchase any ingredients you may need.

For our body scrub, I chose a coffee scrub that will be both invigorating and exceptionally hydrating for dry skin (and this time of year, who doesn’t need a boost?).


1)      ½ cup of coffee grounds- I recommend something dark with a rich flavor like: Peet’s Uzuri African Blend. This coffee has an incredibly rich scent with a hint of sweetness from berries, which makes it a perfect choice for a body scrub.

2)      ½ cup of brown sugar- you can even make your own, which I will link here.

3)      ¼ cup organic virgin coconut oil- plain coconut oil will also work, but the organic virgin coconut oil has a better coconut smell and consistency in my opinion.

4)      Airtight storage container- a pretty mason jar with a personalized ribbon is a great way to store a body scrub

Make your scrub.

This part is really easy. Just mix all of your ingredients in a bowl and place in the mason jar. You can add a really pretty printable label and ribbon like the ones linked here. Store  in the refrigerator for up to two weeks and use 3-4 tablespoons each time you shower.

Creating a spa day for yourself is something we all need from time to time- a chance to break away from the daily chaos and indulge in ourselves. It’s also a perfect reminder for our friends they are loved and cherished. What better time to give them a gift like a spa day than Valentine’s Day.

What is your favorite spa diy? We are always anxious to try new ideas- leave your favorites in the comments down below! As always you can link to our Pinterest page to get more great DIY spa ideas.