Tuesday Trends


Valentine’s Day is the 3rd highest grossing holiday, after Christmas & Mothers’ Day. Billions of roses, chocolates, and cards are exchanged on February 14th each year, with the holiday’s popularity only growing throughout the years.

Valentine’s Day in 2017, however, means something totally different than it did even 10 years ago.

Millennials have put their own touches on Valentine’s Day, so some of the top trends you will see this year will include:

1)      Group get togethers- couple-only Valentine’s Day are losing ground as more and more millennials choose to celebrate the holiday with their group of friends and their significant others. It will be more common for restaurants to receive reservations for 8 or 10 this year than 2. (Link here for ideas)

2)      Gifts- millions of gifts will be exchanged- but most of the gifts will be for friends, versus a romantic interest. Platonic gifts are one of the top trends for 2017. (Link here for ideas)

3)      Single Groups- over half of American adults label themselves as “single” this Valentine’s Day (many happily by choice). Purchasing cards for their friends and hitting the town for a night out with girl-friends or guy-friends is getting more commonplace. (Link here for ideas)

4)      Bye-Bye Red- this year, Valentine’s Day will be sprinkled with pink, white, metallic, and stripes instead of the more traditional red, black, and sparkle. (Link here for ideas)

5)      Whitty Cards- This year, your store-bought cards are going to have a lot more focus on playing up song titles like “Hate that I Love You” and “Tainted Love” to cater to the happily single crowd. (Link here for ideas)

6)      Treat Yo Self- A big trend this year is treating yourself. It is just as important to appreciate yourself and all you have accomplished. This year, buy yourself something special, treat yourself to a wonderful meal, splurge on a bottle of wine and decadent desserts, or plan that trip you’ve been dying to take- you are worth it. (Link here for ideas)

7)      Gifts for Guys- This year, gifts for guys will trend towards high-tech. Things like smartwatches, drones, and the Hyper-Chiller are big sellers this year. (Check out the Hyper Chiller here)

The important take away this year is that Valentine’s Day should be what you (or you and your significant other) want it to be- not what is “traditional”. Traditions are changing rapidly and you need to make it a day you will love- whether it’s a low-key romantic evening in, or a glammed out night on the town with your girls- do what makes you happy! As always, you can check out our pinterest board for even more ideas!

What is your favorite Valentine's Day trend for 2017? Leave us a comment down below.