Time is forever changing. As time changes, so do trends.  Our sense of style, taste buds, how we celebrate, and even how we pose in photos all change.

 In the 1960’s, the pose was stiff and mainly consisted of the Bride and Groom with their bridal party or in front of a cake. Jump to the 1980’s and the posing trend started to change. The Bride and Groom were a little more relaxed and photos were taken of more candid moments. We began to see the bride walking down the aisle, couples shoving cake into each other’s faces, and awkward glamour shots of the bridal party.  Somewhere between the 1980’s and 2000’s, wedding mannerisms became creative and fun. There were still those tacky glamour shots and some unnatural positioning, but they were more imaginative and trending at the time. At the turn of the 21st century the trend took a major turn as photographers changed the game yet again.

Gone are the days of couples standing rigidly on display like a mannequin in a store window and staring blankly at a camera, all the while being forced to hold a cheesy smile through multiple shots.  Couples these days are wanting their photos to be one of a kind. They request different placements and are taking advantage of using props for playful posing.

 There is an elegance and natural flow to these new poses. Pictures can now capture an air of intimacy between the Bride and Groom while they share a loving glance, take a leisurely stroll while holding hands and expose their passion for each other as they sneak kisses. They act as if they were the only two people in the room even though they are surrounded by their family and friends. Placing wedding rings over the brides’ bouquets and positioning the brides wedding attire capture a magical moment that will last forever.  Photos may be shot as if you’re looking at the happy couple through their wedding rings, the bridal party ooh’s and aah’s over the brides’ new bling and the happy couple sneak a special moment before the ceremony to hold hands and talk while on either side of a door. Grooms bust open their tuxes to reveal superhero shirts beneath, brides pose with their bridal parties in their pj’s before the ceremony and the bridal party act goofy to obtain those silly photos we are now so fond of. These types of photos have become the new trend.

Some photographers may say that not much has changed over the years with the exception of adopting a more natural and candid candor in photos. However, I believe, as do many others I have spoken to, that they have changed a great deal. Photographers are not afraid to get down in the grass, roll around or climb a tree to capture that once in a lifetime moment. Changing the angle of the camera gives the photographer a better chance of making any pose appear perfect and natural in a photo.  The way we stand, the placement of our hands, facial expressions and body language have greatly changed in our posing today. Photo editing is now on a new level and photography has become more versatile. These advancements in photo editing, allow the photographer to add an extra sparkle to the photograph making the pose that much more breath taking.

Don’t be afraid step out of the rigid wedding pose. Get creative, be playful and have fun with playful props. Your wedding photos will be that much more magical because of it.

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