Picture this- You're in your favorite gown. You know the one?! The dress that cost you a fortune that you'll only wear this one day. Your hair and makeup is done, you have your bouquet in hand and your just about to walk down then aisle when... Gasp!! You notice a dark smudge mark on the front of your dress! Oh no! You can't walk down the aisle with that! It'll show up in every picture and instead of people noticing your beautiful dress, they'll be staring at this annoying disaster on your beautiful gown!

Fear Not!!

We have some easy ways to avoid and fix these types of gown mishaps. Just follow our simple instructions and your dress will be perfect when you walk down that aisle! 

To avoid these mishaps you MUST treat your dress like you went broke buying it. Let's face it- you almost did right?!

1. When purchasing your dress, make sure it fits perfectly and then leave it at the boutique until 48 hours before the wedding. Ask the store to steam or iron the dress for you- rule of thumb- always let the professionals do the work you are uncertain with.

2. It's 48 hours before your wedding and you have picked up your dress. Now what? Store the priceless gown in a room where it will not be disturbed. Take it out of the bag so it can breathe, hang it up, and if you'd like, place a very thin lightweight sheet over the dress to keep it dust free. 

3. When handling the dress it's always best to keep your hands freshly washed and dried. You don't want to take a chance of getting any spots on it. I suggest purchasing and having anyone who touches the gown, wear white gloves to keep from getting dirty finger marks on white satin. Your friends may want to touch it as they ooh and aah over it. Don't let your friends with fresh manicures or dark colored nail polish to handle the fabric. Their polish may rub off onto the dress creating an unwanted stain.

4. Should a stain or smudge mark happen to appear, don't touch it yourself. If there is time, take it to a professional to have cleaned. Whatever you do, DO NOT RUB IT!  You will rub the stain further into the fabric making it that much harder to remove.

5. On the big day, try to hold your flowers away from your dress. Rubbing your bouquet against your dress can leave green/yellow smear marks that more than likely will ruin your photos.

6. Always keep emergency supplies on hand. These supplies help you to alter, remove or fix any thing that may happen to your Cinderella dress on the day of your wedding. Supplies you will need to include:

  • Needle and thread
  • Lint brush
  • Spot treatment liquids
  • Safety pins
  • Chalk/Baby powder
  • Cotton swabs/q-tips
  • Hairspray
  • Fabric paint the color of the dress
  • Clear nail polish
  • baking soda/corn starch

Just Breathe!! It will be OK!!

Should you mistakenly ruin your dress (I use that word lightly- it will be OK!) there are ways you can try to fix the issue. I do stress however, that you try a professional cleaner first (if there is time). You need to make sure that you know what fabric your gown is made of. Knowing this helps you get rid of stains easier. 

  1. If you happen to spill coffee, tea or other water soluble stains on your gown try this: Very gently DAB the spot with cool water, or club soda, and let it air dry. Rubbing the stain hard will damage the finish of your gown.
  2. You decided to touch up your makeup but dropped your lipstick and watched in horror as it rolls down the side of your dress. For lipsticks, grease and other types of cosmetics- try dry solvents. Again don't rub and always try to cover your dress while doing makeup touch-ups just to avoid these types of accidents.

  3. Your smudge wont come out? Try covering it up. You can always use chalk, baby powder, corn starch, fabric paint, white out or baking soda. There is no guarantee this will work but it's always worth a try. 

  4. Remove pesky wrinkles with a hair dryer or hand steam press. DO NOT iron straight on the fabric. If you have a dress that you have to iron with, dry iron. Don't use the water or steam from the iron as it will leave marks. Your best bet to using a dry iron is putting a piece of non-coated tissue paper  or thin cloth between the fabric and the iron. 

  5. Silk is such a beautiful fabric, however, it can be tricky to iron. Never steam silk as it will make it wrinkle like crazy.

  6. Last piece of advice- When the bride is wearing her gown, do not try to steam or hot air dry the wedding gown. There is a potential of burning the bride and that is not something you would want to happen on her big day.

When all else fails, try to ignore the mishaps and focus on the magic and love being celebrated that day. 

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