Have you ever wandered into a bakery and looked at the drastic prices of their beautiful cakes? Pretty steep huh?! I decided to take a regular store bought cake and make it into two different cakes: A birthday and a wedding cake. The way I made these cakes was pretty simple but still takes time to complete. I used a 9"x13" sheet cake with white buttercream icing that I purchased from a grocery store. After I was finished with the cake, it was a small double layered cake. Here's how I did it:

  Birthday cake:

 Wedding Cake:

Wedding cakes can be pretty expensive these days. Especially if you are trying to have a small wedding but still want to have a beautiful cake. I took that same Lucky cake and transformed it into a wedding cake. This cake is rather small but can be used on top of another cake as a top tier.

Whether you decide to have a baker make your wedding cake or you choose to do it yourself, make sure your cake is a reflection of you. 

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