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To cake or not to cake....


Your wedding cake (or other dessert) is a statement piece on your day. It helps tie everything together and you can really make it representative of you and your partner. The bakers are highly skilled and as such, you pay for their time, ingredients, and also the "up charge" of it being for a wedding. The cake can be so expensive- upwards of $500 sometimes. I am here to help you cut costs without skimping on flavor or design.

  • Minimize- have our baker create a small 2 tier cake for display and cutting and supplement with a sheet cake in the back- this can save you up to 20%/slice. 
  • Supplement- if you still want a 5 or 6 tier cake, have the top tier or two be real and the remaining tiers be made of Styrofoam and supplement with cupcakes, sheet cake, or other desserts.
  • Create your own- have a small single cake created for your head table for you and your partner to cut into and have friends and family assist you in advance crafting sweet treats for your guests. Making homemade desserts can save you as much as 70% on your big day! You can put that additional savings towards your honeymoon or back in your pocket
  • Deconstruct- instead of having the baker stack the tiers for your cake, display the multiple tiers on various cake stands. Not only will this be a unique display, it cuts costs drastically by saving on the baker's time.
  • Buttercream for the win- fondant is two to three times more expensive than buttercream, so an easy way to cut costs is to nix the fondant and opt for buttercream icing. You can do so much with buttercream these days, you won't be sacrificing in design!
  • Shop Around- don't be afraid to branch outside wedding cake vendors- research your local bakeries, crowd source on Facebook for local at home bakers, speak to specialty grocery stores, and even check out your local ethnic bakeries. I promise your guests won't know the difference and you will get the same incredible cake for far less.
  • Floral Decorations- instead of using costly sugar flowers, purchase in season flowers from your florist or a local green house to decorate your cake. Not only will you get a more vibrant and stand-out design, you will save about 75% on the cost!
  • Simplicity is on trend- gone are the days of vanilla or chocolate cake- the options are endless. But... for every added flavor, there's most cost. A less expensive way to add a pop of flavor is to choose a fruit filling or add fruit purees to your dessert table for guests to add to their cake if they choose. You can always choose a special flavor for the top tier that you and your partner can enjoy!
  • Get crafty- there are so many gorgeous cake toppers, but they come at a premium cost. DIY your own cake topper as another way to save money on your cake.
  • Ask questions- when determining the cost of your cake you also have to find out what the cost of delivery is, if there is a cutting fee, if they charge for set-up, etc. Some venues will take care of these things and include it in your rental fee, but you always want to double check so there aren't any last minute surprises.

Birthdays/Other Celebrations:

Many of the same tips apply for birthdays and other celebrations, but there are a few unique things you can do for birthdays/other celebrations.

  • Double-duty- Have your dessert also function as your favor for your guests. Use customized packaging to allow your guests to take home a treat from the event.
  • Sheet cake- Go with the sheet cake! You can purchase a sheet cake from your local supermarket and customize it yourself. Check out Candace's transformation from Thursday to see just how easy and amazing this idea is!
  • Freebies- a lot of bakeries will give your child a free 1st birthday cake! They also have clubs where you get points for every purchase. If you are already buying other items there, save up your points for money off/free cakes for your events!
  • Naked Cake- if your having a child's birthday party, bake the cake or cupcakes, and allow the attendants to decorate their own cupcake or work together to decorate the cake. This is a fun way to make great memories and save a ton of money!
  •  Be unique- you don't have to have a cake- think outside of the box. Krispie treats, cake pops, pie, frozen yogurt, donuts, etc. All of these are things you can do simply and far cheaper than a cake.

I hope these tips will help you when you are planing your event! What is your favorite cost saving idea? Make sure you are following us on Pinterest and are subscribed to our blog for all of our planning tips and tricks.