"From there to here, from here to there, baby things are everywhere"

Dr Seuss


Babies are amazing little bundles of joy that just make our world a little brighter and a much better place to live in. I remember that feeling of expecting my first little one. I was so excited and couldn't wait to have her so I could hold her, kiss her and love her no matter what. I couldn't help but be anxious for her to arrive. I would sit in her room and picture her scooting around on the floor laughing and playing. Having a child is such a wonderful time and one that should always be cherished. I never imagined how little a child needed; I was instead blessed with so much more than I needed. 

Expectant mothers and fathers to be are usually treated to a baby shower which is hosted by a family or friend. My mom threw me a baby shower and we received a living room full of gifts. I'm not exaggerating. It took over an hour to open gifts. My children are super spoiled by grandparents, family and friends and need or want for nothing. I was very thankful for that baby shower as it has helped us immensely when it came to saving us money on the items we needed. We were also able to celebrate the soon coming of our first child and enjoy such a wonderful time in our lives. My mom threw a wonderfully decorated and well organized country themed baby shower (I absolutely loved it!). That was back in 2013 and the trends were different and a little more simpler then. These days the trends for baby showers have taken a turn for the more glamorous and extravagant side.


E-vites- Invitations are not as popular to send out anymore. Today's trend is to send e-vites. I prefer paper invites myself as I can put it on the fridge but to save money and time e-vites are the new invites.

Sprinkles- Baby shower etiquette states you don't have a shower for every child you are to give birth to. Usually you will have a baby shower for your first and if the second is the opposite sex, then you would have another baby shower. Instead, many people are having Sprinkles. These are similar to a baby shower but are more low-key and gifts are generally diapers and clothes.

Extravagant Flare- These celebrations are no longer your basic plastic banner and bottle decorations. Finesse and extravagance are the key. From sparkling balloons, tissue paper streamers and dessert bars to larger guests lists, special venues and hired entertainment; these showers have evolved into amazing events. Some baby welcoming parties can cost upwards of $15,000. I have seen some even cost $30,000. You can have an amazing party but not make your wallet burst into flames doing it. You just have to DIY and budget.

Giving Honor- Mother's-to-be are not the only ones being shown special treatment at these parties any more. Grandmothers-to-be and Aunties-to-be are also be recognized for their changing role in the family dynamic.

Co-Ed- Baby showers are not just for women anymore. Co-ed parties are happening all the time now where dad's are more involved and are recognized as well as the mom. The men are also involved in the games and genuinely have a great time.

Fancy Feasts- Party foods have definitely changed. Gone are the days where food was haphazardly placed on a table for you to choose from. 

  • Cuisine is now labeled with beautifully decorated labels or framed in picture frames
  • Different types of food are displayed bite size or in individual cups for easy serving
  • Delicacies are decorated to match the theme of the shower- i.e. blue colored foods or watermelon cut like a shark for an underwater theme
  • Chocolate covered everything! Most of the desserts these days are covered in chocolate such as pretzels, Oreo's, Twinkies, licorice and more.
  • Dessert bars are all the rage, but of course who doesn't love a ton of desserts?
  • Prego-tinies and mock-tails- these wonderful drinks are being served instead of alcohol so that the mother-to-be doesn't feel left out.

Unique Guest Books- Guest books are no longer just books.  Hosts are now incorporating the guest log into the room decor by making a picture using the guests thumb prints. They will also use wooden letters to have guests sign or a onesie that gets framed later.

Instead of a Card-Hosts are asking guests to bring a signed book instead of a card tagged along with the gift. This is a great idea that I used for my baby shower several years ago. We still have the books and read them to my kiddos often. I love opening them and seeing those sweet notes my guests wrote in the books for my kids. It's something I really treasure.

The much needed diapers-Guests who bring diapers to a baby shower are amazing and get it. New babies go through diapers like fire burns through paper. So if you bring a box of diapers you are a great guest and truly care for the mama and papa-to-be. These days though, bringing a box of diapers isn't enough. There seems to be some sort of unspoken competition to see who can bring the best gift or created item. That's why you might start seeing more diaper cakes. Instead of just the box, many guests feel the need to craft it up by creating awesome diaper cakes and trying to out-gift the other guests.

Write me a note- Advice, notes of encouragement and notes that induce laughter are all great forms of written help. Baby showers are now asking guests to offer these tid-bits of love in a fun way:

  • Advice for the new parents jar- friends and family can fill out a small piece of paper with the best advice they can offer the new parents to be.
  • If the expectant parents have yet to pick a name, you can suggest a great name and place it in a pre-selected jar. The new mama and papa can use these names to narrow down their list.
  • Time Capsules- Time Capsules are something you see cities or schools doing and are usually buried for a certain amount of years. The time capsules at baby showers are a little different. You would write a note to the new baby and try to depict what he would be by age 18 or 20. You can predict what type of job he/she will be working, major in college, and pretty much anything. Always try to keep it positive.

Craftaholics- Craftaholics love baby showers that incorporate some crafting fun. Baby showers try to fill the time and keep their guests busy by playing games or doing a craft. These days you can make a headband or bow tie, decorate a onesie and decorate a bib. 


Favors- When you think of favors you usually think of the little goodie bags you receive from a kids party. Well, that's what favors are; little thank you gifts for taking time out of your day to help the family celebrate the special occasion. You'll see a lot of DIY favors this year. Hosts are making their favors now to save on money and to make the favor fit the theme or style of the party. You can expect to receive homemade food items such as chocolate dipped anything, treats and candies. Also given away are homemade chap-sticks, bath bombs, lotions, and soaps.

Baby showers are so much fun and is a great excuse to have a fun day surrounded by friends and family. Even if you are a guest who may not know anyone except the mama-to-be, it's always fun to play some games, meet new people and celebrate this wonderful time in your loved one's life. I am so grateful for my friends and family who went above and beyond with gifts, decorations and their support. 

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