"Sandy toes and salty kisses, please join us as we become Mr and Mrs in Puerto Rico!"

Destination Weddings are becoming more and more popular among brides and grooms. Couples are opting out of the larger weddings to save money and have a wedding that they will never forget. This year's destination weddings are proving to be "outside the box" and Here's why:

  1. Weddings are no longer a one day celebration. Couples are using the money that they saved from having a destination wedding to pay for tourist excursions for their guests to enjoy as thank you's.
  2. Cruises are becoming more and more popular as the couple and their guests can spend several days or more having fun at sea. All their food, lodging and events on board are covered by one flat fee. The happy couple will only have to pay a flat fee for a wedding package, will be wed on the ship before it sets sail and then honeymoons on the cruise.
  3. Canada, Italy, Iceland and Ireland are quickly becoming the go to locations for weddings as couples are tired of the typical locations such as Mexico and Hawaii.
  4. Weddings are moving away from the usual beach themes and are being held on sky terraces, gazebos and other unique locations that may overlook the beach or some amazing scenery. 
  5. Brides and Grooms seem to be annoyed by the marriage license laws that some countries have and the requirements surrounding them. They are now having symbolic weddings instead of worrying about the legal side of marriage. They may decide to have a quick court house wedding in their hometown to obtain a marriage license after or before their wedding ceremony.
  6. One trend that makes me very happy to see is the use of private estates or smaller boutique hotels. This trend gives the "backyard wedding" feel while on destination.
  7. As mentioned in our post from Monday we discussed brides utilizing local vendors for their wedding plans. This is not only a smart move budget wise, but local vendors have more knowledge of their area and items that can be used.
  8. Maps are being given to guests. These maps are marked with the bride and grooms favorite spots that their guests can visit while not attending wedding festivities.
  9. Invitations are more creative than ever. Some invites resemble passports while others look like plane tickets or are adorned with the countries scenic flare.
  10. Guests are receiving amazing favors. Instead of your usual candle or candy satchel favors, couples are handing out local trinkets or souvenirs as goody bags for their guests.

We hope this post helped you in deciding what trends you may want to follow for your destination wedding!If you spot a new trend or had a destination wedding we would love to hear all about it! Please feel free to send us photos and your comments using our contact us page. Don't forget to subscribe to our site and follow/like us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.