We've seen it all come and go- poofy sleeves, lace, no lace, beads, no beads, low-cut, high-cut, white, blue... trends come and trends go, but they always come back in fashion. The must have trends for 2017/2018 are no exception and I think you will see a trend from almost every era back this next year. What's so exciting about that is there is something for just about everyone in these trends.

Bridal Attire Trends:

  • Forget the dress- bridal suits and even beautiful corset tops with pants are all the fashion this year. You can buy them from the most common bridal boutiques all the way up to the highest fashion houses. This look is stunning on any bride and is a unique way to put your stamp on your big day.
  • Off the shoulder- an off the shoulder gown can be sweet and flirtatious or make a serious statement. You can pair the off the shoulder with sleeves or a caplet and really make it your own.
  •  Statement piece- speaking of adding a caplet, you can also add a cape and not only be on trend, but also draw all eyes to you as you walk to your partner. You can go from delicate to bold with your choices, it's all up to you.
  • Go Nude- we all know blue and blush were recent favorite color choices for gowns, but this year, it's all about the nude. It pairs beautifully with the simplistic features we are seeing in the wedding decor and also with the more casual attire you are seeing for men.
  • 70's child- bell sleeves are back! Made trendy and modern with net fabric or ethereal with layers of silk and tulle- bell sleeves are beautiful and flattering. Pair them with an off the shoulder cut, and you will be sure to wow all of your guests!
  • Fish net?- fear not, we aren't actually suggesting you use fish net (though you could!), but gowns inspired by fish net patterns or with net pattern details are all the rage this wedding season. You can incorporate it more subtlety in a open "v" on your back or go for it with an all-over look. The net fabric design is sure to draw many compliments this year!
  • Low, low, lower- it's ALL about the low cut back this year. No worries if the idea of low cut makes you nervous (I'm looking at you, pink thong), because it's paired this year with illusion details to keep it in place and soften the look. You can make this trend sexy and sultry or very dainty- it's all up to you!
  • Not just from behind- the deep "v" is getting a makeover in the front of gowns as well. Paired with sheer fabric to keep everything in place and add a bit of cover, it's the perfect combination for those who want to add some drama without exposing it all.
  • Picture perfect- combining that deep "v" on the front or the back of your gown or suit with some strategically placed details will add an alluring touch to your gown. The sheer fabric combined with the details in just the right place will make sure you are covered up, but showing off your figure as well.
  • Cross- cross back details made from lace, thin satin, or even ribbon in a corset design are a hot trend in gowns and suits. You can pair the cross back with a deep v to make it more subtle or add additional coverage. 
  • Show me the shoes- tea length is back on trend and we are so excited about this trend! It's beautiful, soft, and romantic- perfect for late spring or summer weddings. You can also utilize the tea length trend in suits by shortening the pants to a capri length. It also gives you a chance to show off your amazing shoes!
  • Just enough- simple. clean. elegant. Minimalist gowns are popping up from every designer and we love them. Some Brides aren't interested in a lot of detail and picture very clean gowns. There are so many to choose from now and we also love that you can take these gowns and really make them your own with an added detail or pop of color if you choose.

Something to keep in mind though is that trends are just that- trends. You need to be true to who you are and rock whatever makes you feel alive, beautiful, and most like yourself. Hopefully this helps give you a place to start though and gives you a few new ideas to add to your list when you are going to look for your dream outfit.

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