Planning a wedding can be a very exciting time in your life. You get to pick out your flowers, try on wedding gowns, and ask those most important to you to be in the wedding party. Sometimes though, this can be very daunting. When you are choosing what your wedding party should wear you have to keep several things in mind. If you don't take these tips to heart, then you might have an upset group of bridesmaids or some very unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions.

1. Beware of their differences- Every bridesmaid is shaped differently. You may have one curvier than another, shorter or taller and some may be larger chested than others. Some brides pick a dress and think it will look good on all her bridesmaids. Only the bride has to look good right? Wrong! You want your wedding to reflect your style and personality. Having an improperly dressed group of gals doesn't reflect well on the couple getting married. Try to stray away from the one style of dress to changing the top half up a little bit. Someone who is larger chested may need more support that a strapless dress doesn't offer. A shorter woman may not look good in a long dress and that curvier figured friend might not want to flaunt her curves with a tight dress.

2. Do the bounce check- Have you ever worn a dress that was a bit short and bent down to pick up something? Did your rear end expose itself in the process? You don't want that happening to your poor bridesmaids. Before purchasing the dress, make sure your girls do the bounce and bend test. If it shows their rears, it's too short.

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3. Don't waste their money- Bridesmaids usually have to pay for their own dresses, unless the bride is willing to foot that bill. When picking out a dress, bridesmaids get irritated when they have to purchase a dress that will only be worn once. Try to keep in mind what occasions this dress may be worn at other than your wedding. No one likes wasting money on something that cannot be used more than once. Instead of opting for a fitted mermaid gown, try something that's a little more low key like a knee length pencil dress.

4. Don't forget about undergarments!- Too often we tend to focus on the gown and not what needs to be worn underneath to make that gown shine so other parts of us don't. Make sure you don't forget to plan for the right undergarments your gals might need. Proper chest support, spanx, clear straps, and slips are just a few things you should be looking into. You don't want your wedding party having malfunctions causing them to not enjoy the evening.

5. AVOID WHITE- You don't want to confuse your guests as to which beautiful lady is the bride. Imagine if you will your bridesmaids are walking down the aisle. In white. All white. The guests might start to question who the real bride is (even though they know who sent the invites and who's union they are supposed to be celebrating) they might start to thing multiple weddings are about to take place.

Picking out the best dresses for your bridesmaids don't have to be difficult. Try following these 5 tips and we are certain you'll have a properly and beautifully dressed group of gals. They will even love that they can use the dress more than once!

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