Weddings can be such a magical and beautiful event. You can make them any style you wish to best suit your personality and spend as little or as much as you choose on your special day. I have seen so many weddings that are whimsical and majestic due to the hundreds of flowers and arrangements that adorn the aisles, tables an arch ways. These weddings are extravagant but can be costly. I decided to share with you my top ten tricks on how to cut down the cost of floral decor and bouquets so you can afford a romantic wedding setting as well. As a quick disclaimer- You may not be able to achieve a million floral arrangement style, but with these tips you can cut down on some of the cost to afford more flowers than originally planned. 

1. Wholesale- If you are looking for a specific type of flower but dot want to pay the expensive florist fees; try buying from a wholesale distributor online. You can usually get these flowers for half the price than what a florist would charge. I can't guarantee the quality of delivery for these flowers but if you do your research and check out the companies reviews before purchasing, you should be OK.

2.Silk instead of real- I personally like silk flowers. My wedding bouquet is a silk flower arrangement and sits in my living room to this day. I prefer silk because you can use the flower arrangement from the wedding to decorate your home, give as gifts later and have those beautiful flowers you spent so much money on last a long time instead of dying days afterwards. Silk can be a bit tricky to purchase. If ordering online make sure you are getting a great quality. Ask them to send you a few samples of the types of flowers you are looking to purchase. Once you have checked the quality of the flowers, purchase in bulk and ask for a bulk discount. Usually if purchasing in mass amounts, distributors will give you either a percentage off or a certain amount discounted for every specific dollar amount spent. Don't forget to look for coupons and promo codes.

3. Reuse them- I have been to several weddings where the ceremony and reception were immaculately decorated. The table arrangements, bouquets and aisle arrangements were so beautiful but they all had one thing in common. They were all identical to each other. Instead of buying double to decorate all the needed areas, purchase half the amount needed. Use the flowers in the ceremony first and when the guests are waiting to enter the reception hall and are away from the ceremony location, move the ceremony flowers to the reception. This cuts down your floral budget so you can spend money on another needed area.

4. Choose greenery instead of flowers- Flowers are a wonderful and beautiful way to decorate, but so are luscious green plants. Instead of adorning your venue with tons of roses or lilies, choose to use more green. Plants are much cheaper to purchase and can be great space fillers when you need a beautiful replacement. You can also use plants to cut down on the amount of flowers you need to purchase. As an added plus, you will have some house plants to adorn your front lawn with after the wedding is over.

5. Go simplistic- There are so many venues these days that offer a great backdrop for weddings. Beaches, rose gardens, parks and back yards can offer a wonderful location where you can choose to go simplistic with your decor. You don't really have to go all out on decorating, especially with flowers if you already have a beautiful backdrop or scenery.

6. DIY your arrangements- Florists are pretty amazing when it comes to making arrangements. They have that unique eye on how to arrange the flowers and sprigs just right. They can be pretty costly though when it comes to using their services. Why not do it yourself? You can take a quick class at Michael's on how to arrange a bouquet or make a flower arrangement (I'm sure they would help you recreate the arrangements you'd like by showing you how to do it once) so you can do it yourself for your wedding.

7. DIY the flowers- Some people may laugh at this one but I promise when it comes to DIY you can save a ton of money. Real and silk flowers can be costly if you have a very limited budget. Why not try to make the flowers yourself? You can make paper machee, burlap, ribbon or cloth flowers. There are so many trends these days with flowers that are not naturally grown and they turn out amazing.

8. Don't ship- If you use a local florist you reduce the cost of shipping and help support a local business. Some florists will give you a discount for using local as well

9. What's in season?- Many brides tend to have their heart set on specific flowers for their wedding. When it comes time to order them they find out that those flowers are not in season and will have to pay double, sometimes even triple the amount to have them at their wedding. it's always best to keep an open mind when it comes to these things. Try to pick flowers that are in season so you don't have to worry about having out of season flowers shipped in. There are so many flowers out there that I'm sure you will find flowers that are just right for your big day that are blooming now with out the extra cost.

10. Don't over do it!- Flower arrangements are gorgeous when there are multiple different styles of flowers. This can be costly however. Try to stick to two or three different flowers. The more you order in one type of flower rather than multiple smaller bunches of flowers can reduce the cost with discounts. Your arrangements will be just as beautiful with 2-3 types as the others.

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