Spring is upon us and flowers are in bloom every where you look. Roses, Peonies, Daffodils, Lilies and so many other beautiful flowers adorn gardens, roadways and floral arrangements offering a beautiful treat for the eye to behold. Brides tend to gain new inspiration in Spring for the fragrant beauties that will decorate their wedding venues. Each year the trends seem to evolve into masterpieces that tend to wow anyone gazing upon them. This year is no different. This year you will see a lot of:

Sprigs. Brides are using sprigs as fillers and chair decorations to give that fresh from the garden effect. These sprigs may have some fruit buds on the ends or a fuzzy feather looking tip. Many brides are obtaining these items for their bouquets from local farmers. This helps with cutting costs for flowers and makes wonderful fillers for all types of arrangements.

Dahlias. Dahlias are dominating the Floral industry for weddings this year. Expect to see them in Fall and Winter weddings the most.

Greenery. Garden weddings are such beautiful and enchanting venues for any couple on their wedding day. These Garden themes make it easy to keep your decor simple and cost efficient by adding plants and few flowers placed strategically around the venue. This allows for any theme to take form with minimal effort.

Cake flowers. I love seeing flowers on cakes. Especially if those flowers are real or silk instead of the sugar made ones bakers take so much time to create. It's easier to place real flowers as well as cheaper to decorate any cake.

Simple Floral Vases. Quite a few of the weddings you might attend will have a large style bouquet or arrangement placed in the center of the table. These are beautiful but can sometimes be hard to see around to the person on the other side of the table. I predict that this year you will be seeing less of the larger arrangements and more of the simple vase with a few flowers placed in them. 

No longer just the round bouquet. Bouquets have taken different shapes over the years. Some have hung down to make a triangular shape while others have been formed into a perfect circle or ball. This year you can expect to see what I like to call "the messy arrangement". This arrangement is made up of multiple flowers, sprigs and other stems placed at many different lengths and directions within the arrangement. This creates a somewhat controlled messy look. These floral designs are beautiful and can work well for the modern, rustic or Victorian themes.

Burlap. Burlap flowers are all the rage these days. Brides can make these flowers for much less than the cost of real or silk flowers and can reuse these flowers for home decorating later.

Not your typical bouquet. I have seen bouquets in all different forms. I have seen the wedding party carrying feathers, balls of Styrofoam with silk flowers glued to them, long stemmed Lilies with a ribbon tied around it and purses for bouquets. I have also seen the wedding party carrying animals instead of flowers. These days brides want to stray from the norm and make their big day unique and different than other weddings. You will see a lot of this trend this year and in the years to come.

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