Hosting events can be an exciting task to manage. Sometimes though, it can be so overwhelming that you end up throwing up your hands and saying, "oh well, they can go down the road and eat at the diner if there isn't enough food or sit on the floor". 

When we become frustrated we tend to start cutting corners on tasks just to make it easier on us. We say we don't care but when the day of the event actually arrives we over-stress trying to finish everything we tried to cut out. When acting as host/hostess or planning an event, you need to have a manner of decorum about you. Yes, there are etiquette rules for hosting a party. You may have read our post from March 29th about Etiquette rules for the host/hostess of a baby shower. Some of these rules apply for all hosts/hostess' but don't cover all of them. 

When hosting a Wedding or special event (even if it's just a party), you need to keep these rules in mind.

1. Invites- Make sure your invites are clearly written with concise instructions so the guests know what they are sending an RSVP to. 

2. Organized Planning- Make sure you organize your planning lists. An organized planner is a happy planner. Being organized helps making party/wedding arrangements go soother so you aren't a frazzled mess.

3. Happy Hostess- Be a welcoming and happy hostess. Not every guest will bring a gift and that's OK. Remember to greet guests with a smile and cheerful demeanor. Weddings are a little different when greeting guests. If you cannot be there to greet your guests due to having to stay hidden until the wedding ceremony, then make sure you have a greeter willing to show guests to their seats and where to sign the guest book. Make sure to make your rounds later to thank everyone for coming and make sure they are enjoying themselves. 

4. Be Flexible- Sometimes the best laid plans can go awry. One of your guests could bring an unexpected plus one which may decrease the amount of you can feed your guests or leave you with a seating issue. Be gracious and try to accommodate your guests as much as possible. You may have to move your events timeline or rearrange your entertainment due to some pop up problem. Don't stress. Remember, you're the only one who knows the timeline. Your guests will be happy with whatever order or events you provide.

5. Be Appreciative- You may receive a gift you didn't like, guests you didn't invite may arrive and mistakes may happen on the day of your event. The key to being a happy host/hostess is to show your guests that you appreciate them regardless. You should always send thank you notes and thank them in person for attending.

I hope these tips helped you in hosting your next event. If you have any ideas to add we would love to hear them! Please comment below and don't forget to subscribe to this blog. Also check us out on Facebook!